Eyebrow Tint

Many people have very fair eyebrows and eyelashes that are not easily visible. Such people may benefit from the procedure of eyebrow tint or eyelash tint. These procedures are also necessary to make your eyebrows and eyelashes look natural if you have colored your hair in a shade that is not your natural hair color. This option is also suitable for people who do not like to wear makeup and prefer a long lasting solution. There are some things you need to keep in mind while getting your eyebrows and eyelashes colored.


Usually eyebrows are not really noticed in themselves unless they stand out due to some reason. Hence you should choose a color for the eyebrows that really matches your hair color and the complexion of your skin. The eyebrows should look natural and complement your face subtly rather than standing out like an ungainly eyesore. This is the reason why Eyebrow Tint should blend into the look of your hair and skin tone.

Eyebrow TintEssentials for blond hair

If you have blond hair or you have colored your hair to look blond then it is best if your color your eyebrows and eyelashes 2-3 shades darker than your hair color. Avoid matching your hair too closely as this could look unnatural and monochromatic. You can opt for a dark blond color for the eyebrows if your hair is very light or a light brown color if you have slightly darker hair. This combination is bound to look natural and add to the appeal of your face.

What should brunettes do?

As opposed to women with blond hair, those with dark hair and brunettes should opt for a shade of Eyebrow Tint that is slightly lighter than their hair. Again try to stay within 2-3 shades of your hair color. If you do this you will prevent your eyebrows from looking too heavy and hence unnatural. Hence if you have brown hair opt for a chestnut brown tint for your eyebrows and if you have raven black hair then opt for a soft black tone.

What to do when in doubt

If there is still any doubt regarding the shade of eyebrow color you can follow a thumb rule that says that go for a color that is lighter than the shade that you think you should opt for. This is because we tend to opt for darker shades than we need which in case of brunettes especially will make the eyebrows look too heavy. Also go light on the application to start with as it is always possible to add more coatings in order to achieve a darker color of eyebrow tint if you so desire.

Give yourself enough time to get the color right

It could require a little experimenting in order to find the right eyebrow color for you. At the same time, you may need an application of several coatings of the color to get the right shade and richness. Hence if you are getting your eyebrows colored for a special occasion, give yourself a time of at least one week to get your eyebrow color perfect.

Saves time

When doing your daily makeup you do have to spend some time at least in doing up your eyebrows. However, if you get eyebrow tint it will save you the time required to color your eyebrows daily and apart from keeping the eyebrows in shape, all you have to do is apply a drop of gel to keep the eyebrows in shape.

Other considerations for perfect eyebrows

There are some things other than eyebrow tint you need to keep in mind while ensuring that you have perfect eyebrows. The first thing you need to ensure is that the eyebrows should begin at the tear duct peak and end at the outer corner of the eyes. Anything longer or shorter than this can give you a perpetually angry look. Apart from this the eyebrows should not have hair growing beyond their top arches and you should snip off the extra hair taking care not to snip too much. Ideally an eyebrow should fall in a slightly curved or straight line from the arch to the outer corner of the eye.


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